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Audit Log

Question asked by chf on Jun 1, 2015
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Audit Log


Hi there,

I would like to include a field in my tables that shows a log of all modifications made to that specific record.  I know this can be done using the Get (ModifiedFields), but I don't know how to make it show ALL modifications, not just the most recent time and user that has modified it.  When looking this up online, I found the demo attached, which is EXACTLY what I need, but when I try to incorporate this into my own solution, I run into problems.  The biggest problem is that the auto enter calculation for the "Change Log" field references "Excelisys_ChangeLog", which I can not seem to find anywhere.  It isn't a field, it isn't a script, and from looking at their website, it doesn't appear to be an add on either.  Does anyone know how I might go about incorporating this into my own solution?


Here is the link to the demo:


Thank you!