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authenticating to an external database

Question asked by RGoyette on Oct 26, 2010


authenticating to an external database


Developing and revising a template for lots of people to use is hard, but even harder when importing via ODBC and writing via stored procedures which requires authentication.  Obviously I do the testing using my own credentials (username and password on the oracle server).  I then distribute the new template to all the users, who must then go through all the scripts that require them to authenticate to the server and change my username and password to their username and password.  They must also revisit this procedure every time their password expires.  I would really like to save them the bother.  Things got a bit easier lately since we have a common reporting credential for simply reading information out, but if we want to write information back into the database we have to call a stored procedure which requires each of us to authenicate separately.

Has anyone else encoutered a similar situation, and discovered an elegant solution?