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    Authentication and Database access



      Authentication and Database access


           Hello everyone,

           We are using Filemaker Pro 12 on both the workstation and server. We have a database hosted on the Filemaker server and within the FM database, the tables are linked via ODBC to an external SQL database. 

           The issue is that despite changing privilege sets and restricting the AD groups to thhe READ ONLY priviledge set, they are STILL able to edit or change the values from within the tables in SQL. 

           Thanks in advance




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               This is not an area where I have any direct experience so I am just speculating here and could easily be wrong:

               When access permissions are set on FileMaker Tables, they have to be set in the actual file in which they are defined. If you are working with a table that is remotely sourced from another file, you can't set permissions specific to that table in your current file, you have to open up the source file for the table to set the permissions there.

               Thus, I am speculating that you may need to go the source, the SQL system from which your are accessing your data and set permissions there to make the data read only.

               This assumes an ESS connection and not a case where you are importing your ODBC data into a regular Filemaker table.

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                 Thank you for the reply. However we already have explicit rights in SQL to allow/deny write rights in SQL. That did not work... 

                 We then change the permissions within Filemaker to prevent writes in SQL but that does not work either.