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Authentication scheme to unlock trial

Question asked by DLW-BPEX on Nov 2, 2009
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Authentication scheme to unlock trial


We sell several products through Digital River, but so far these have been on the basis of separate downloads for evaluation and full versions. That is cumbersome for customers and affiliates, so for our forthcoming FM runtime solution, we would like to employ an unlock scheme. Download the limited-function solution to evaluate; to purchase a license, just buy a (unique, ideally) key.


I assume there are some typical approaches widely used for this. Any guidance as to a good resource for learning more? Does this involve some sort of "wrapper" or whatever?

We do have a FM hosting service, so we could create a special database to accept customer login and issue a unique key. But that would be outside the present e-commerce function, and it also would require an extra step for the customer.


Thank you for any insights.