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    Author's bibliography - Is it possible?



      Author's bibliography - Is it possible?




      I would like to create an author's bibliography -with over 2,000 entries, each of them with several fields- and I was wondering if FileMaker is suitable for this as it is quite different from from the Works Cited or Bibliography section of an article, a M.A. or a PhD. There are bibliographic programs out there, but most of them -if not all- are designed to create standard bibliographies, not a single author's one, which might require a powerful database software such as FileMaker. 

      What follows is an example of how I would like to display the data; the information in [] shouldn't appear, but I need it to show it here to make as clear as possible what I need in each field.

      [1 - entry number] Misnomer [magazine name] 1 [volume/issue], June 1994 [date]. Will Robson, ed. [editor] Tronic Press [press]: La Honda, CA [place]
      [contents - poems]: no chance - broken toys - bayonets in candlelight

      [2 - entry number] Living on Luck [book title]. Sudden Death Press [press]: Chicago, IL, [place] 1999 [date].
      [contents - poems]:  odd endings - don't come around - no chance [there are more poem titles, but no need to list them all]

      So I would need these 2 entries displayed thus in a doc, pdf, html, etc, file [the bibliography would be chronologically arranged]:
      1. Misnomer 1, June 1994. Will Robson, ed. Tronic Press: La Honda, CA.
      no chance - broken toys - bayonets in candlelight
      2. Living on Luck. Sudden Death Press: Chicago, IL, 1999.
      odd endings - don't come around - no chance

      Then, in the alphabetical "index of poems" at the end of the bibliography, I would need this:
      bayonets in candlelight: 1
      broken toys: 1
      don't come around: 2
      no chance: 1, 2
      odd endings: 2

      The problem here, if any, is how to tell FileMaker to list in the "index of poems" the number entries after each poem title. Of course, if you can think of any other way to tell the reader where to find each poem, I'd love to hear it. I just thought that listing the entry number(s) after each poem in the "index of poems" should be the easiest and shortest way to do  so, but  I've been known to  be wrong many a time!


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          You will need multiple tables with the correct relationships first:







          Link Authors to publications by either author name or other unique author ID (such as a serial number).

          Link Publications to Pub_Cont by either a publication title or other unique Publication ID.

          Link Pub_Cont to Contents by a content name of other unique content ID.


          Pub_Cont is the key as it functions as a join table that links many Publication records to many Content records.


          Does that make sense to you? If so, I or another poster can provide more detail in a follow up post.

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             It does make sense to me. You're talking about the so-called relational tables, right? Thing is, I do understand the concept but I have no idea how to create those relational tables and then link them to each other.


            There's no need for an "Authors" table as we're talking about a single author's bibliography here. That is, 2,000 or more entries by the same author. Each entry (a magazine, a book, a poster, a broadside, a chapbook) usually has several poems or short-stories, but all of them are by the same author.


            thanks again!

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              Are you able to select File | Manage | Database and create new tables?


              Once you've defined your tables and fields in this area, click on the relationships tab and link your tables by using the mouse to drag from the field of one table to another.


              If this is all new to you, you might want to check out a tutorial, or acquire a book on FMP to supplement the assistance from this forum.

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                   I'm a complete newbie, as you have probably guessed. Is there any good, yet simple, tutorial on relational tables?
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                  There are tutorials available through filemaker. I haven't used them myself, so I can't recommend for or against them. Perhaps other forum posters can comment.

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                    You might also just pull the File menu and select Manage | Database.


                    Try creating a table, then give it some fields.

                    Try creating a second table.

                    Now click the relationship tab and see if you can link the tables.


                    When you get stuck, look up things in the on line help file and post questions back to the forum...