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auto add records

Question asked by bantotang on Nov 9, 2014
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auto add records



I have hit a blank wall. I can't go anywhere. I know it can be done. I'm trying to search the forum but I don't know what to search for this problem

I have different groups (bshrm, bscoe, bsba, bscs, etc).

I have a portal that adds billing for each student, The total records of the database are at around 5,500, the bshrm are 2,500, the bscoe are 300, and so on.

After using the Find bshrm, I can add billing individually to the bshrm group no problem, but it is too prone to errors and too tedious to add one by one.  I need to automatically fill up the billing fields (billing line item (is drop down), billing particulars, details, quantity amount, total_amount) all with the same data throughout the group. And different data for different groups. I don't need to append the existing one. I want it to add a new record, so that the billing number is also updated. Billing is from the billing_Fees table.

I hope i made myself clear. English is not my first language.

Thanks a lot.