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    Auto Advancing from one Tab Panel to the Next



      Auto Advancing from one Tab Panel to the Next


      I am using a layout with 7 tab panels and am looking for a way to automate advancing from the last field on Tab Panel 1 to the first field on Tab Panel 2 and doing the same for susequent tab panels.  A prior post suggested creating the following script after assigining object names to each tab panel:

      If [Get ( TriggerKeystroke = 9) ]

      Go To Object ["Second Tab"]

      Go to field [Table::Field11]

      Exit Script [ false]

      End if

      I was able to create this script but it does not run.  Please have mercy on me as I am brand new for using FM.  My first dumb question is what does the number 9 in the TriggerKeystroke = 9 script command listed above signify.  In other words, I'm trying to discern if I use this wording exactly as written or if I need to replace the number 9 with a value specific my field layout.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.