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    Auto Calculation



      Auto Calculation


           Brand new to Filemaker Pro 11 and cant find the calculation formula for the following:

           I have 4 different levels of membership choices in one field and would like the corresponding dues amount to auto-calculate in another field.  So if membership level is "Primary" then the dues amount is "$40.00.

           Appreciate any help!

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               IF or Case may be used as your calculation, but an even better method is to set up a related table with one  record for each membership choice and then a "looked up value" field option to copy over the value. That way, if you change your dues amount in the future, you edit the records in this look up table instead of redefining a calculation field.

               The calculation method could follow this format:

               Case ( MemberShipChoice = "Primary" ; 40 ;
                           MembershipChoice = "Premium" ; 75 ;
                          MembershipChoice = "Superlative" ; 200