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Auto Calculation help

Question asked by Matty_1 on Sep 17, 2013
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Auto Calculation help



     I have an auto calculation for a field called EmployeeName that refers to another field called EmployeeNumber.  When employee number is left empty, it also clears itself.  Otherwise when an employee number is selected, it called upon it's related record and fetches the employee number.  This all works perfectly fine and is achieve by the simple calculation that follows:

     If ( IsEmpty ( EmployeeNumber ) = True ; "" ; PersonnelRecords_RunDetails::Employee Name )

     Currently I've layered the two fields one on top of the other so that the user can select the drop down menu, chose an employee number and then only see the employee's name afterwards.  The user also has the ability to type in that field and I'd like it if the user could type whatever he or she wants.  If no relational name comes up, that is if the user types a random name instead of a number from the drop-down, the formula defaults to whatever the user has typed manually thus allowing the user to insert names that aren't part of our employee pool.


     Let me know if this is possible, my attempts have not yielded the desired outcome.