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    Auto calculation is not real time



      Auto calculation is not real time


      I have one calculation field which will be updated only when I go to next portal row.  Here is the information.
      1. I have two linkages which link SalesOrder and SalesOrderLine tables.  Both linkages are identical except SO_SOLineInvOnly have A and B linkages while SO_SOLine has A linkage.  Please refer to attached Figure 4 and 5.
      2. I have two calculation fields which are on figure 1.
      A: TotalQtyInvOnly from SO_SalesOrder, = Sum(SO_SOLineInvOnly::Qty)
      B: TotalQty from SO_SalesOrder, = Sum(SO_SOLine::Qty)
      3. After I change the qty on first row from 10 to 300 and move to next field, step 2, the qty on TotalQty change to 303 right away, referred to figure 2, while qty on TotalQtyInvOnly is still 13 and will be updated only when I move to next row, referred to figure 3.
      4. The results are same, if I add relationship B, RevenueTypre = RevenueType, to SO_SOLine linkage.