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    Auto Cascading Selections



      Auto Cascading Selections


      Here is the simple gist of the idea. Their is a userType table, users table, and a company table. I already know how to get cascading selectiong working (

      1. select this company ->

      2. these people show up -> select person ->

      3. their available types show up).

      However, what if I wanted one drop down selection that started in the middle of those three steps? Say on a part of layoutA I only wanted the user the option to view only the "graphics usersType" users? We already know that this record is attached to a certain company, so that is already selected but...yeah, how to constrain drop downs to certain users by "auto selecting" of sorts items higher up in the selection process.

      Hopfully this makes sense! Thanks.

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          What is the relationship between the tables and on what layout (and table) are you making your "people" selection that will list all people for a given company.

          The answers you given may modify this "first guess", but you sometimes need to define a calculation field in the "middle" table that copies a value from the related parent table so that you can use it in your conditional value list relationship to filter the values correctly. In this case, though, you may have  key field that already contains a value you could use for your conditional value list.

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            The relation ship is one contactType to many Contacts / one Contact to many Estimates / one Estimate to many Orders. The selection process will be done on a layout that looks at the Orders table. Thank you again for your help.

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              I presume contacts contains the "company" info that you want to use to filter your value list?

              If so, first thing to try is to see if specifying Contacts as the "starting from" table occurrence in your value list setup works. That would be the simplest and I think it will do the job here, but am not totally clear as to which related table will provide the values for the value list. Selecting Estimates in this value list For the order record or something else?

              You might even be able to avoid using a conditional value list at all depending on the purpose of the value list and exactly how you get from Contacts to oders as you may be able to use a script and/or an auto-enter calculation to automatically enter data from current parent records in the other tables--or even just add the field from the related parent table directly to the layout and not need to enter any data at all.