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    Auto commit



      Auto commit


           What's the general consensus, do most devs use "auto-commit" in layout setup?  I'm toying with a few ideas for how users can "cancel" their edits to a record by using the Revert Record script command, however if a user clicks outside of a field, the data commits and revert record becomes useless; and turning off "auto-commit" can make for a painful solution with too many popups.  Ideas?


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               I have seen layouts set up that use (global?? fields) for data entry with extreme validation that allow reverting until the last button is pressed.

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                 You can prevent "background clicks" from committing a record (wish we had a layout setting to disable it), by placing a large, empty web viewer so that it covers the entire body of the layout, located behind all your data entry fields. This layout object will then "intercept" all mouse clicks on what appears to be the layout background.