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    auto commit record after 7 digits - for barcode



      auto commit record after 7 digits - for barcode


      Hello everyone,

      In my solution I'm adding a barcode system and I want to make in a way that the user will have only to:

      • click "New record"
      • point the barcode gun to the barcode

      that's it.

      I want the record to be committed automatically after the "beep" of the barcode gun (as many other system do).

      There is any way to make the field commit the record after input the seventh digit in a field? (I specify 7 digit because my barcode system has 7 digits).

      Thanks :)

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          Most barcode readers can be configured to add characters before and after the scanned text.

          An OnKeystroke Layout trigger can be setup to run a script that detects the preceding character or characters (including a test for trigger modifier keys such as ctrl and shift is a good idea) can create your new record and place the cursor in the text field automatically.

          If you then configure the scanner's follow on text to be either Return, Enter or Tab, the data will be committed just like any other text you might enter into a field (Assuming the character you select is set to exit the field in the fields Behavior settings). You can even add an OnObjectExit script trigger to the field to run a script to further respond to the scanned text if necessary.

          You may need to contact the scanner manufacturer's tech support to learn how to set this up for your scanner though most user manuals document how to set this up.

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                 A barcode scanner is only something which is installed between your keyboard and workstation. That way it doesn't matter if you enter the code by hand or using the scanner: you click in the field which needs the code to be entered to get the focus on it, next you scan your code. The only problem might be that after scan there's no automatic submit, so you need to click a button then.