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Auto Complete - almost there...

Question asked by Claire_2 on Apr 22, 2014
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Auto Complete - almost there...



     We have two tables, one main called "Payroll" and the second "Invoices".

     In the payroll table I would like to select the invoice number using a dropdown, and in doing so, this populates specific fields with their corresponding invoice information. Then there are fields I manually enter data into based on the invoice information, for an accounts report.

     eg Invoice 2, is for company B, with a total of $xx, a tax of $xx etc. When I choose invoice 2, company B, total $xx etc. autofill.

     We can't see how to configure the autofill.

     These are our steps so far

     1. Manage external data sources > new > add file 'invoices'

     2. Manage > database > relationships. Screen shot attached.

     3. Create fields. Using one field created for the payroll table called "total" as an example, in Layout Mode, specify field > options > Looked Up value > Starting with Table : Payroll, Lookup from Related Table : Invoices 2, Copy Value from field : Grand Total.

     4. Inspector > Data > Field > Display data from Payroll::Total

     control style : Drop-down list

     values from : total. second screen shot attached.

     Where are we going wrong? We've read this onerously and it's unclear where the error is.