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Auto complete dates (Month + Year)

Question asked by LuisGuerreiro on Dec 1, 2011
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Auto complete dates (Month + Year)


I am using Filemaker to move on from a previous (very) old database and have the particular need to maintain a functionality existing in the currently used databases. The functionality is the auto-complete of date fields with month and year value, when the user types only the day.

This is a very useful functions for databases used daily where dates modified normally belong to the current month and year. 

 I have figured out that Filemaker does the auto-complete of the year on a data field, providing the configuration is correct. Is there a way to make it auto-complete also the month? I can imagine that this would be possible with the use of functions  with calculated auto-enter or validation of the fields, but I do not know how I could program this...

 Is there any ready made solution for this?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated, specially since I am not an expert developer and do not dispose of unlimited time to conclude this work.

Thank you in advance!