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    Auto complete greyed out



      Auto complete greyed out


      Just wondering why my auto-complete is greyed out.  Is their a certain criteria that it has to meet in order for the auto-complete to be valid.  Please see attached pic.




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          Only text fields can be set to auto-complete.

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            Frustrating isn't it? One of the times you could most use auto-complete - a list of customer ID's with ID number as field 1 and some kind of text as field 2 and you can't use auto-complete.

            Here are some script supported work arounds for this issue--including an auto-complete enabled drop down list that is used to look up and enter the ID number: http://www.4shared.com/file/plr_jbkk/EnhancedValueSelection.html

            Note: If you have downloaded this file before and been dismayed by the need for a Refresh Window [Flush cached join results], please download this file again as the new version--thanks to Mark Gores, no longer needs that script step.

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              Boy that for sure....That's exactly what happened you click on field2 and then the auto-complete option isn't available.  I downloaded the link and will try to figure it out.  Right now when I create a new Order I just use the dropdown list to select my customers Id and it shows the customer name as well so is this the best way to create new Order(record)....it would be nice to just start typing the information and have it autocomplete. Thanks for your assistance Phil.


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                Please note that you appear to have a version of FileMaker older than version 11. The demo selection portals across the bottom will not work with older versions, but I believe that the auto-complete drop down will.

                Another option for making larger value lists easier to work with is to use a conditional value list to break up the list of values into smaller groups by selecting some kind of "category" in one value list and then the conditional value list lists all members of that category instead of the entire list.

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                  That is correct...I have FMPro v10.  I'll take a look at my customer file and see what changes I can make.  Thanks.


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                         I am on the same boat as the op, and it's a really frustrating limitation this lack of autocomplete in a scenario where you have a list with serial numbers and text...

                         But fm doesn't grey off autocomplete only in this case.

                    It does too if you select to show only values from second field regardless if the first field is text too.