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    Auto Create New Record EveryDay



      Auto Create New Record EveryDay



                        I am working on an attendance system and I want a script where a record containing a field of date is automatically created daily after a date changes on the system. 

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               And how is your system setup?

               A single new record for all users or a single new record for the current user?

               What exactly happens when "a date changes on the system"?

               Under some circumstances, files hosted by FileMaker server can be updated in this fashion from a script scheduled on the server to take place once a day.

               Other times, a script can be set to run for the current user each time that they open the file.

               And in both cases, the script should check the date of the previously created record and create as many new records are needed to get to the current day's new record so if something keeps the script from running on a given day, it automatically fills in the needed records without skipping one. (I have a scheduled script in a calendar's table of dates that keeps adding a new record each day some 3 weeks in advance of the current date.)