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Auto create records + D.down lists

Question asked by Elie on Jan 20, 2010
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Auto create records + D.down lists


Hello, I'm working on a technical support database using filemaker pro 10, and would need some help.

1- I would like to know how to auto create records in a table when an action is made in another related table, what i mean is: I need to create records in a table called Maintenance Dates that contains a field called Client Id, and another one called schedueled date that will contain a non modifiable value based on a condition (maintenance terms) in another table.


2- I need your help to know if it is doable to make a drop down list that contain only related values to another field in the same layout,

what i meanis that after entering a the client's name i would like the field "client's contacts" to contain in the drop down list only the related values to the client's name entered before, the values would be exported from a previously made table that contains records showing the client's contacts.