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    Auto creation based on date



      Auto creation based on date


           Hello everyone,

           I've recently found filemaker and after putting it down after an hour i've given it the full go. I was a proficient user of access and loved it however I have a specific project for this and will need the server if I can get the final product to work.

           I have created so far: Employees, Sites, Visits.

           What I need is, to be able to create visits based on the sites start and finish dates with times. In software we have already you can create a schedule. such as 8am to 8pm, 8pm to 8am and then auto create the visits between the start date and end date. Once created we can then put in the employee from the dropdown.

           Is the auto create function a possibility? If there is an expert near north west UK I am prepared to pay for services to create finished product.






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               You could, for example:

               Show a Custom dialogue, asking for the Start and End dates (two global fields).  You could auto-populate the start date, say, with the last scheudled date, and wait for user-override.

               You could do the usual checks that the end date is after the start date, that perhaps it isn't an excessive date in the future, etc.

               Then you can finish the script with a loop that goes through the date range creating whatever chain of records you want.

               Something like:

               Show Custom Dialogue ["Enter date range" ; gDateStart, gDateEnd ]
               If (Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2
               #Cancel chosen
               Halt Script
               Set Variable [$DateToCreate = gDateStart ]
               Go To Layout (in the table you want to create records)
               New Record
               Set Field [Date ; $DateToCreate ]
               Set Field [Any other fields you want set at creation]
               Set Variable [$DateToCreate = $DateToCreate + 1]
               Exit Loop If [ $DateToCreate > gDateEnd ]
               Go to Record [Next, exit after last ]
               End Loop

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                 That sounds amazing! I will try but im not that proficcient at this yet. May look at hiring someone to develop.