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    Auto data entry



      Auto data entry


      I have a layout "Work Order" which contains a Work Order # and an associated Job #, both auto generated. I have a "Timesheet" layout where I want to enter the Work Order # from a dropdown or by direct entry, and have the associated Job # number appear "magically" in the adjacent field. Can't seem to make it happen.........

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          Hopefully your two layouts refer to two different tables of the same name as data is stored in tables--not layouts, I'll refer to tables, but user your layout names on the assumption that they are the same names.

          You need this relationship:

          Work Order::WorkOrder# = TimeSheet::WorkOrder#

          With this relationship in place, you do not need a Job # field in TimeSheet, you can simply add the Job # field from Work Order to your TimeSheet layout. If you do want to physically copy the data, it can be done by selecting a "looked up value" field option for your Job# field from the matching field in Work Order.