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    Auto enter



      Auto enter


      Anyone know how to be able to enter an id number in say a time sheet form and it auto populates Name, Position, Manager and payrate?

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          If that data is in a related table with the ID number, then yes. You can either use the Looked Up Value field option to physically copy the data into matching fields in the time sheet record or you can place the actual fields from the related table on your time sheet layout.

          Both require a relationship between timseheet and your second table (Personnel?) that links by the id number field.

          You can find the settings for looked up values on the Auto-Enter tab in Field Options. (Double clicking a field definition in Manage | Database opens the Field Options dialog.)

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            I understand the concept its the actual execution i cant get right. 

            Heres what i did. 

            So i created id field in staff template, and i created a staff field in timesheets, did the lookup field and connect the two in relationship graph

            Did the same thing with the Persons name same steps and done.  

            Ok so i go into normal view type the id number into the timesheet field. Nothing happens. What am i doing wrong?

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              Connect the two tables with one relationship:

              Staff::IDField = TimeSheets::IDField

              Refer to this same relationship by selecting a field from Staff for each field in TimeSheets where you want to look up a value from a field in Staff. When you select/enter an ID number in TimeSheets::IDField, all the look up fields that use this relationship will then copy values from Staff.