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Auto Enter - Look up Multiple Values

Question asked by Sewlong on Feb 20, 2009


Auto Enter - Look up Multiple Values


I have one table called “items” that stores the generic information about the products we make.

Then when we are ready to make one of the items I have a table called “projects” and it simply looks up and copies the information from the “Items” table into the “Projects” table (based on a record #) and we then can add/modify the specific details about that particular “Project”.


I also have a table "Join-Item-Material" that joins the generic “Items” to the multiple generic “Materials” it takes to build an item, I would like to be able to lookup & copy the list of materials that are related to the “item” and create a new set of records that i can modify to the specific “project”.  


How do I lookup and copy the MULTIPLE related records from the “Join-Item-Material” table to the “Join-Project-Material” table so I can modify the materials related to the specific project with out modifying the original Item.