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Auto enter a field with another record entry on the same table

Question asked by StephaneValverde on Sep 3, 2010


Auto enter a field with another record entry on the same table


<!--GALLERYINCLUDE--> Hi, i just started a database for a Lao/French/English Dictionary.

Lao words are often composed juxtaposing some base words. For exemple  the word BLUE (si:fa:) is composed with the word COLOR (si:) plus the  word SKY (fa:).
So with my main word table I have all this words on seperate records and  I want to have a field "litteral translation" going to search in the  others records the translations of the base words of my composed word.

I created 3 fields lao1 lao2 lao3 to put parts of my composed words, and  fields trans1 trans2 trans3 to put the correspondant litteral  translations.

I tried to create an auto entered calculation for trans1 trans2 trans3 but i dont know how to search the data in others records.

I also tried to create a seperate table with only the base words and  created a relation with the main table using the lao word in common. But  the calculation dont work too and it make me create an other table with  duplicated data for nothing.
Here is my calculation :
If (Lao1 = BaseWords::Laotien ;BaseWords::Francais ; " " ) 

Is there a better way to do this ? And what calculation for the auto-entered field do i have to use?                           <!--POLLS--> <!--FILES--> <!--SIGNATURE-->