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Auto Enter Between Fields in a Record - Scripts

Question asked by PapaCUPpie on Jul 5, 2012
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Auto Enter Between Fields in a Record - Scripts


Hello FMP friends,

I'm sure this will be simplistic for power users, but I'm just learning scripts and have the following question:

I've created a glass negative database for a museum of photos. The photos are stored within special paper sleeves that we need to print information onto.

There are several types of negatives:

Field 1 (Negative Type)

4x5, 5x7, & 8x10 Glass

4x5, 5x7, & 8x10 Nitrocellulose

Thus there are literally 6 choices from a drop-down list given.


I created 3 layouts for 3 different print sizes and a new field:

Field 2 (Print Size)

S, M, L

I'd like to create a script (or otherwise connect) field 1 and field 2 so that anyone selecting 4x5 autogenerates a "S" in Field 2, 5x7 autogenerates a "M" in Field 2, and 8x10 autogenerates a "L" in Field 2. I'd like it to autogenerate much like one can get a date created or date changed metadata field.

I'm sure there are many ways of going about this, but as I'm learning scripts I'm just interested in simple scripts that I can put together to connect one field to another in a single record...that will continue to do so as I enter data.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Cool