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auto enter calculations

Question asked by johnhorner on Jan 5, 2009
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auto enter calculations


i have a file that contains about a dozen tables.  in one of the tables i have a text field set up to auto enter a calculation that is based upon 2 other fields in the same table which are calculation fields sometimes only referencing fields within the same table and sometimes referencing fields from other tables.  i have it set to "evaluate always" and "replace existing data".  however, this calculation is never evaluated, or at least, it never places either the "then" or the "else" value resulting from the if/then/else auto-enter calculation into the field.  i have very similar fields in other tables that are functioning properly and upon closer inspection i think i have discovered the problem. it seems that entering new data into the referenced fields will only trigger an auto-enter calculation if all of the fields referenced in the auto-enter calculation are indexed.  is there any workaround to obtain the same functionality of the auto-enter calculation (i.e. automatically enter a certain value based upon the values in other, unstored/unindexed fields)?  i am essentially just trying to have an invoice list as "closed" if i enter in a payment amount that equals the invocie total but for various reasons i need the ability to override this.  and, of course, the solution is only useful if it does not require any additional "clicks" as it would only take one extra click to manually enter this information.  any thoughs would be much appreciated.




john h.