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    Auto Enter Data Based On Another Field



      Auto Enter Data Based On Another Field


           So, I am transitioning from an excel spreadsheet, and there was stuff we tracked on multiple spreadsheets, and I am consolidating it into multiple tables.

           We have 300 people, and I have a "family" table where each person can be assigned to a family.

           Is there a way to initially set a person's family as their last name? I know I will have to go through and clean some up (differentiating different Smith families, etc), but it will save a ton of time to initially set it, because probably 90%+ will simple be the person's last name.


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               Sounds like you need two different relationships between People and Family--one to initially link a record by last name and one to link by serial Id field defined in Family. The first gives you an initial match that you can then review and correct on a case by case basis.

               People::LastName = FamilyByName::FamilyName

               People::_fkFamilyID = FamilyByID::__pkFamilyID

               FamilyByName and FamilyByID would be two different table occurrences (boxes in manage | database | relationships) with the same data source table.