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Auto Enter Date doesn't self create in Portal

Question asked by basilisk2 on Jul 28, 2010
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Auto Enter Date doesn't self create in Portal


I'm trying to put together a layout that is intended to be used to keep track of phone calls, letters, emails etc with clients. This involves 2 tables in a one to many relation (one client can have many contact events, each contact event can only be for one client). To save time on data entry, I set the Date field to Auto-Enter on Creation.

I created a layout based on the Client table, and added two fields, for ClientName and for ClientID. I then added a Portal to show some fields from the ContactEvents table, sorted in decreasing date order to always show the most recent date's event at the top (I hope!)

My problem is that the date field in the portal does not auto-complete on creation in the portal. In the relation dialogue box between the Client and ContactEvents tables I have enabled "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" for both tables but can't see how to setup the auto-complete functionality so it works in the portal. Where am I going wrong?