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    Auto enter issue



      Auto enter issue


           I have multiple fields each in relationship to the primary field. Each of these fields is a repeating field. They are designated so, when I enter a Code, into the first field, the others are populated with the appropriate information for that code.

           The issue is that everything works perfectly when I enter a code into the first, of the repeating fields. From then on, when I enter a code into each subsequent repeating field, nothing is populated.

           I am using Filemaker 10 on a Mac running OS10.7.5

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               Don't use repeating fields for this kind of set up. Since FileMaker changed from Flat File to relational database system with the release of FileMaker 3, one should use a table of related records in place of repeating fields used in this fashion. With such a related table, your relationships and lookups become very straight forward and the reporting that you can do from such related records is much more flexible as well.


               OriginalTable::__pkOriginalTableID = RelatedTable::_fkOriginalTableID
               LookUpTable::__pkLookUpTableID = RelatedTable::_fkLookUpTableID

               You would then replace your repeating fields wit a portal or portals to the RelatedTable.

               And Import Records has an option that makes it very easy to move existing data from repeating fields in your OriginalTable into split up RelatedTable records if you have existing data you want to keep in those repeating fields.