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    Auto enter location based on log in



      Auto enter location based on log in


      I am creating a database the will be installed in many locations. Each location may have a couple of users. What I would like to do is when a user creates a record it records the name (this can be done in auto enter data>creation>account name). Is there a way to connect this to a location?

      Example Alex is from Naples. When she logs in and creates an record, she gets recorded in created by and location Naples. Judy is from Paris, she creates a record and it gets recorded created by Judy and location Paris. This is needed for the search and for reports. I know it could be searched by the login name, but when printed we don't always want to see the name of the user we want the location. So how do I auto log the location of the user based on the user name?I am sure it can be done easly but i just can't see it. Thank you in advance. (using Filemaker 10  and Windows Vista)

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             Do these people travel or are they pretty much stationary to their locale? If they are stationary, then you can use a user table to store where they are located and based on their login, grab the data from that user table.
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               They are stationary. When you say user table, what do you mean? there is no personal info in the accounts/privileges except for the login and password. If I need to create it how will connect it to my main table so that is auto inputs the person and location?
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              Define a user table with at least two fields:


              AccountName and Location


              Define a matching AccountName field in your table with the Auto-enter feature you described


              Relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships:


              YourMainTable::AccountName = LocationTable::AccountName


              Now you've linked your two tables by account name. You can either use the above relationship to refer to the above location field dynamically or you can specify a "looked up value" option for a text field if you'd rather capture a "snapshot" of the location data as it existed at the time the record was created.


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                   Thank you PhilModJunk. This worked perfectly. Sometimes the answers are so simple we don't see them. I think I am making things harder than they are. 2 thumbs up for PhilModJunk!!!