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Auto enter serial # and auto enter date not working.

Question asked by dzittin on Sep 5, 2014
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Auto enter serial # and auto enter date not working.


In two different fields:

For the field "ID", type=number, I specify:

    auto enter->serial number->generate on creation with next value 1000 and increment by 1.

I do not get the results I expect on record creation. The number "1" fills each "ID" field at each record creation. If I change "generate on creation" to "generate on commit" it works. Why cannot I get the serial number on record creation?

Next, related problem:

Another field "Date", type=date, I specify:

  auto enter->creation date

and the new record field is blank after creation!?!?  Just for grins, I specified an auto entry using a calculated value: get(currentdate) and still no dice. If I modify either of these two fields by hand in table view, I can put in whatever I want so there is no write restriction.


What am I doing wrong?