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Auto Enter Serial ID With Current Date Mod

Question asked by CStovin on May 30, 2013
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Auto Enter Serial ID With Current Date Mod


     I've done some searching and have yet to find any information if this is possible....

     Can I add a Get(CurrentYear) Function to the auto enter serial - on creation - next value area?

     So instead of an ID# being generated as:  ORD-0001  with next increment 1  ( ID# : ORD-0001,  ORD-0002.... )

     Have it as such :    ORD- (Get(CurrentYear)) & "-"  with next increment 1

     Which would look like ( ID#: ORD: ORD-2013-1,    ORD-2013-2.....)


     I know I could just manually change the value area from "ORD-2013  to  ORD-2014" but I was hoping this could be done automatically so that if I create a locked kiosk solution I can restrict user access to the ID fields.