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Auto enter serial invoice little problem

Question asked by D3signer on May 10, 2012
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Auto enter serial invoice little problem




I'm just new to FMPA 12. For my invoices I use the following calculation:

Right ( "00" & Invoicenumber ; 3 )  & Right  ( Year ( Datum ) ; 4 )

With this result: 0012012   (for first invoice of 2012).

Now my problem is with the field type of 'Invoicenumber'. It's an auto enter serial type. I would prefer when a new record has been created and it has been a mistake, that the invoicenumber would remain by the last invoicenumber when deleted.


Example: Invoicenumber is at #11, I create a new invoice, so # 12 has been asigned to this new Invoice.

I delete this one. When I create a new one now, I would prefer it to be again # 12 and not # 13.


Since i'm very new to this... i have no clue how to this... (hope my question is clear).


Any suggestions?