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    Auto Enter Serial Number Problem!



      Auto Enter Serial Number Problem!


           Hi ... 

           I have some troubles with auto enter serial number.

           I created a filed with auto enter serial number which generate on creation and starting value 1 then incremented with1.

           The problem is when created first record its shows 1, then i created couple of records. But after that i deleted one record. i have currently 4 records, and i want the next record serial number to be 5 but after creation its showing 6.sad. Is this happened because of the deletion? Is there any way i can get the continuous serial number without breaking it even if i deleted in between?.

           Thank you in advance.....


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               It happens because you deleted the record. The system won't reset because you deleted the record. Why is it important to have the numbers be continuous? It's possible to use a script that deletes the record and also resets the next serial value of the field, but it also adds a great number of other issues to the design/function of your database and only works if you deleted the most recently created record--which can be difficult and impossible to know if you have several users that might all be adding new records at the same time.

               If you must have a continuous series of serial numbers--such as to keep auditors happy with your data, it's better not to delete any records. Instead mark them "void". Then the record is there to account for the serial number, but you use the record's "void" status to keep it's data out of reports and such.