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Auto Enter Start Time

Question asked by hrcap on Jul 4, 2013
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Auto Enter Start Time


     Afternoon All


     I have a field titled: monday_start_time this field is so that the user can enter in the time that they started work. The field uses a drop down list containing values such as: 01:00, 01:15, 01:30, 01:45 etc etc. Also included in the list is N/A for use when the user did not work on the monday.


     I am currently trying to write an auto entry calculation, here is what i have so far:



     @ST = TextFormatRemove (Filter(Self; "0123456789")); 
     Length(@ST) = 4;
     Left (@ST; 2) & ":" &
     Right(@ST; 2);
     TextColor ( Self ; RGB(255; 0; 0))
     The cluculation at this stage identifies if four number digits have been entered and then either puts the digits into the correct format i.e 00:00 or highlights the digits in red to alert the user that a mistake has been made.
     How would i add to this calculation to allow N/A to pass through as a valid entry because currently when N/A is entered it is marked in red.
     Many Thanks