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    Auto Enter text?



      Auto Enter text?



      Am sure this is an easy one but for some reason it's killing me..

      I have a new client layout that is accessed from either Bob or Ted details page. If Bob clicks 'New Client' I want the 'author' field on the new client layout to say 'Bob', Ted gets his name when he clicks.

      How can I tell the layout to open with either Bob or Ted's name? I've tried using variables and fields etc in the 'New Client' button script but no joy

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          Why does each user have their own page? That's not a very efficient approach in most cases, though there can be reasons for setting it up that way.

          You can set up an auto-enter calculation such as:

          Let ( L = Get ( LayoutName ) ;
                 Case ( L = "BobsLayout" ; "Bob" ;
                            L = "TedsLayout" ; "Ted ;
                             "Error - Author unknown"
                          ) // case
                  ) // let

          But if Bob and Ted each are using different account, passwords to open the database, you can also just set this field to auto-enter their account name and this will enter the current account name no matter what layout is current at the time.