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    Auto entering records em FMP 13 advanced



      Auto entering records em FMP 13 advanced


      Hi, i am new to the software, and i have a kinda tricky question. I am currently making a solution for NGO that i work in. The members of the organization are required to sell, on a weekly basis, a quota of a magazine we publish, as the members are in the hundreds it would require the person operating the solution to create hundred+ records in a weekly basis. I would so very much like to avoid such  nuisance, as we have very few people working in the finance side of things. here's how the sales table is organized 

      PublishSalespersonUnits SoldQuotaPriceValuePaidSumCondition
      EnviromentN1Joseph910$3$27-3in dept

      As you see its a pain to write many records by hand. What i would like to do is to have a way to create a way to write one record for each salesman all at once (records with only the publish, name of the salesman, his quota, and price of the publish filled, one record for each individual salesman) any thoughts ??

      Thanks ahead !

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          But why would you need to create a record for each salesperson more than once?

          The record identifying the salesperson would then be linked to a table of records where you'd add a record documenting each sale of a subscription and while you could create those records via a script, it wouldn't help much as you'd still need to fill in the various fields to document the details of that sale.

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            Oh yes, you are right. how should we solve this problem ?

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              Start with a data model that uses two tables, one with a record for each sales person and one with a record for each subscription. The two tables should be linked by a SalespersonID field and this should not be the name of the person.

              You'll very likely need a number of additional related tables, but describing those would require a better understanding of your business model and the tasks you need to support with this database.

              With such a data model, you can put a portal to subscriptions on the SalesPerson layout and use it to log each new subscription.

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                I didn't understand your answer. i already have two tables, one storages de sales person's name and quota, making it possible for me to choose (on the field Salesperson) between the names of my salesperson records and automatically fill in my their quota field (saving me the trouble of filling it myself). Here's what i am trying to do (in layman's terms) : i need to create a menu were i choose the number of the magazine and price then after i finish doing that it generates one record registering a sale for each of my salesperson (with their name on the record) leaving me only to fill how many units were sold, and how much mas paid. can i do something go the sort ?

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                  Please read the rest of my post again. Do you know how to create a portal? This is a very basic feature used throughout FileMaker solutions and a portal to the second table is the key to the method that I am describing. A field in this table can be formatted with a value list to be used for selecting the magazine to be sold.

                  If you are unfamiliar with portals, you will need to acquire some training materials that teach you how to work with them.

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                    Ok i'll read on that, thank you very much