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Auto entering records em FMP 13 advanced

Question asked by JoãoCaproni on Aug 17, 2015
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Auto entering records em FMP 13 advanced


Hi, i am new to the software, and i have a kinda tricky question. I am currently making a solution for NGO that i work in. The members of the organization are required to sell, on a weekly basis, a quota of a magazine we publish, as the members are in the hundreds it would require the person operating the solution to create hundred+ records in a weekly basis. I would so very much like to avoid such  nuisance, as we have very few people working in the finance side of things. here's how the sales table is organized 

PublishSalespersonUnits SoldQuotaPriceValuePaidSumCondition
EnviromentN1Joseph910$3$27-3in dept

As you see its a pain to write many records by hand. What i would like to do is to have a way to create a way to write one record for each salesman all at once (records with only the publish, name of the salesman, his quota, and price of the publish filled, one record for each individual salesman) any thoughts ??

Thanks ahead !