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    Auto Entry



      Auto Entry


      Hi I'm using FMP 10  on a Windows machine.  I'd like to left click on a small field and have FMP place an X in the field and then move to the next field.

      I'd like to perform this manuver only in Find and New, not in browse.


      Gary N Helfrich

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          Hi Gary, could you provide more information about the purpose here? Are you wishing to search those fields only if they have a value or will the value always be 'X'?  And I don't understand 'only in Find and New, not in browse.'



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            I have found out that I can create check boxes for my database. So I have pretty much figured out my own question. But again while in brows mode someone can erase the "X" that I have put in this particular field. I guess what I am asking is While I am imputting new data I'd like to put an "X" in particular check boxes but prevent anyone from erasing this "X" or putting another "X" in one of the other check boxes.



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              Hi Gary,


              We really need to understand the context and purpose here.  If you want to check fields but disallow your Users from doing so then I would suggest using global fields or writing the IDs you are selecting to a multiline for further manipulation by you.  But again, I don't have enough information to offer a proper solution.

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                Will this work? (Like LaRetta, I could use more info here on what you want.)


                Find the field in Manage | Database | Fields and double click it to bring up field options.

                Click the auto enter tab and set your check box formatted field to auto enter the value that selects the check box. (If it looks like []Apple, set it to auto-enter "Apple".)

                If you don't want to allow users to ever be able to modify the field, select the Prohibit modification of value during data entry option at the bottom of the dialog.


                There are approaches if you want to permit changing this check box value in some situations and not others, but you'd have to tell us what those situations are in order to help you more.