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    Auto Entry in Fields



      Auto Entry in Fields


      Hi there,

      I am creating a database and am importing tables from Excel as data.  Some of the headings from the different Excel tables are the same, but the data is different and Table 1 keeps on auto-entering for table 2, 3, etc.  The 50 customer IDs in table 1, automatically enters into my new layout for 20 customer IDs in table 2 so I am left with these repeated numbers and 30 extra lines.  How do I stop this without changing the headings?

      Thanks for your time and help!

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          We need to know more about the data in your excel spreadsheet and how you've set up your tables, relationships and this layout.

          Importing data from an outside source won't auto-enter ANY data unless you specifically enabled that option during import. Even then, this auto-entry only applies to the table receiving the imported data, not other tables in your database--which is why we need to know more about what you've set up here.