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Auto expand fields downwards on printed reports?

Question asked by pauhana658 on Sep 20, 2012
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Auto expand fields downwards on printed reports?


     Client today asked that I include some extra information about the jobs I did for her. I added the requested text to the relevant portal record and then previewed the results prior to printing. The text was cut off by size of the field. I then spent the next hour trying to find a way have this field automatically expand downards to accommodate all the text in the field, whether it be a two lines or a whole paragraph (no, I don't see that happening very often). I want the field to collapse around the amount of text -- I don't want to have fields show two or three empty lines if the field only has a single line of text. It is only relevant to printed output. 

     I tried modifying Layouts/Layout Setup/Views...which offered List and Table views, and the Table view DID seem to offer Resizable Columns, but wow, the result was very unattractive, replacing my nicely laid out line items with an Excel spreadsheet-looking table. Not what I want. I just want the relevant field to expand downwards to accommodate all of the text in that field for each line of the list.

     Is there any way of doing this in FileMaker Pro 12?