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      Auto Fill


      I am using the free trial of FM Pro to see if it meets my needs before I purchase.  I have about 40 records created, but inside each record, I have a field that I want to be automatically populated.  I don't want there to be any option to change it.  I would like it so that whenever a 'new record' button is pushed and a new record opens up, I would like it automatically to put the value in as it will always be the same.  I know in Excel/Numbers, you can fill down on the spreadsheet for that particular column, but I don't want to constantly have to do a 'fill' every time I update the database.

      Appreciate any suggestions.


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          You don't specify what value you want to auto-fill so I can only reply in general terms.

          1. Open Manage | Database | Fields
          2. Double click the field definition you want to auto-fill
          3. In the dialog that pops up, select the auto-enter tab and you'll find many options for automatically entering a value into the field and you can specify that the value be entered either when a new record is committed (saved) or when it is created.
          4. Click the "Prohibit modification during data entry" if you don't want your users to be able to edit this value.

          Note that sometimes, such an "auto-fill" need is best met by linking records via relationships and displaying data from a related record instead.

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            Thanks for the reply.  The field I want auto populated upon creation will be a website.  The database is for ranking things based off of about 20 websites, so I want to have the websites auto populated per record.  What would you suggest as the best way?  When I did as you said above, I clicked the creation button, but am not sure where I input the data.


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              Define a second table, I'll call it Sites, and list your web sites there, one web site in each record. You can even include a field for the URL and use it with a web viewer to view the actual site if you want. Define an auto-entered serial number field, SiteID, in this field so that each site record get's a unique ID.

              Define a matching number field in your original table, I'll call it Ratings.

              In manage | database | relationships, link the two tables by siteID.

              Ratings::siteID = Sites::siteID

              On your Ratings layout, add the Ratings::siteID field and set it up with a two column value list. Column 1 of this value list should list the values from Sites::siteID. Column 2 should list a web name or title field from the same table. If you enforce unique values on this second field, you can safely hide the first column from view.

              Now you can add any fields you want from the Sites table to your Ratings layout. When you select a site from the Ratings::SiteID field, the fields from Sites will automatically show data from the selected record.