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      Auto Fill


      Hello!  Please help!

      I am trying to create a sort of auto fill function into a database.  I am not 100% certain I know how to do this but everything I have tried has failed. so I am here! 

      What I am looking for is to created a table with the information of clients(client number, first, and last names)  then in another table have be able to either type in or chose from a drop down menu the client number and BAM! it fills in the names.  Is something like this even possible?

      Any help would be great!  Cheers! 

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          There are two approaches that work for this. One establishes a dynamic link where updates to your client records automatically appear in the second table and one that establishes a static link by copying the data from the clients table. Both methods have their uses depending on what you need to do with your data:

          Auto Fill