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Question asked by AngeloTee on Nov 10, 2012
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Auto Fill


     I have finally created 3 related tables called Company Name, Contact Details and Site Details. Data for individual companies in Company Name and Contact Details fields will always be the same. ie if you select a company of the Company Name field, the contact detais associated with that company will be the same and should auto fill.

     Data in Site Details field will always vary as it relates to different meters types, dates, product line etc. for each company. A company can have multi businesses in its portifolio that we have entered in a field called Business Name. (if a company only has a single business, then the Company name and Business name are the same) If a company acquires or adds a new business to its portifolio, we have to create a new record for that business under the existing parent Company.

     To do this, i want to be able to select the parent company from the existing dropdown menu, have the contact details auto filling and then enter the relevant site details info.

     I am still having trouble getting the contact details to auto fill when i select an exisitng company. Please help!!!