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    Auto fill



      Auto fill


           I want to fill the data field automatically from the source table. I asked yesterday but I dont understand still.

           Source table has values(dimensions) of every part model.I plan is that  As I selected specific model name in the main table then related values from source file are transfered to data fields in the main file.

           I already made their relation but it doesnt work

           For your understanding I attached picture

           Thank you   


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               When you havre additional questions, please use Post a Answer to post them to the same post as your original question. That establishes a "thread" of qustions and answers where interested parties can easily read and understand the complete question.

               The relationship you show is incorrect.

               The only pair of match fields you should use are the Model fields. The fields G11, G12, G13 should not be part of the relationship definition.