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    Auto Fill



      Auto Fill




           So I have a list of all my clientelle and would like to be able to transfer some info from this list into another seperate list called schedule.  What I am trying to accomplish is that when a new record is created in my client list it will auto create the same thing in my schedule list using select feilds to fill in the needed info on the schedule list.


           I have tried the Replace Field command but that wasn't what I needed.


           Should my script be something like: onobjectsave: perform script.




           Auto Fill


           I am still learning the scripting side of Filemaker.  There is lots of info to cover.


           Any help is appreciated.


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               You may not need much scripting. See this thread on two possible approaches: Auto Fill

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                 I was just about to type in here that I have tried 3 methods that are available on the forums already.


                 I have a relationship set up between my 2 tables and and such but still not working.  I currently have minimal scripting but need to still be able to partially modify this auto filled data in certain areas. So I utilized "In addition to your Main::ContactID field, you simply add the name and address fields from Contacts to your Main layout. When you select a Contact in Main::ContactID, the info from the matching Contacts record will automatically appear." and that is still not helping. 


                 Am I missing something?



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                   And I should also mention that I have auto fill working in another area of my database.  


                   Under Desktop I have a table called Client List.  This List auto fills the data in Client Records with no Issue.  All I did was when I was inserting the containers I used the value fields from the client list Table.


                   I tried using that theory on this as well.  But the Shop Schedule is outside of the Desktop menu section

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                     Now the issue is: I am trying to display the data from one layout into a new layout and only have a relationship developed between them.  

                     For example:

                     I have layout called Client List

                     I want to be able to take client last name, date, address, and type and auto insert them into my other layout called Shop Schedule.

                     This is something I would like done automatically when a new customer is created in the client list layout.

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                   i am also a beginner like you but I think one has to know how your client list and shop schedule are related in the graph
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                         Yes, it would help to describe the relationship(s) involved. You could upload a screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships using the controls just below the Post a Answer box. Or you can use notation such as this: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                         If you post a screen shot, it's helpful to crop the shot down to just the table occurences and relationships that apply to this issue and to then include some additional text with the screen shot where you explain which table occurrence goes with a given layout and how you need them to work for your solution.

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                           As Requested - Relationship Graph Below



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                             But not all I requested. If you are the same person that wants a window to automatically scroll to the next set of records on regular intervals, I don't think you need auto-fill at all--just a script that updates the found set to include/omit records as their status changes.

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                               Client List>-----<Shop Schedule

                               Client List::Last Name = Shop Schedule::Customer Name

                               Client List::Date = Shop Schedule::Contract Signed

                               Client List::Address = Shop Schedule::Customer Address

                               Client List::Customer Type = Shop Schedule::Type of Customer

                               That is there relationship.  Sorry I missed that part of your post.

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                                 Your last post just restates what I can see in the screen shot.

                                 This is what I am looking for.


                                      then include some additional text with the screen shot where you explain which table occurrence goes with a given layout and how you need them to work for your solution.

                                 Are you sure that you actually need the "auto fill"?

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                                   And now that I have  link, I will repeat that I don't think that you need auto-fill for this purpose.

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                                     I believe that your are leading me into the right direction with the found sets.  I just need to create portals for the data I want shown and scripts to manage those found sets in regards to either customer status or job completion. Let the system do the work for me.  


                                     SO in theory what I want to do is:

                                     create found sets using the follwoing relationships to create my auto-schedule.


                                     Client List>-----<Shop Schedule

                                     Client List::Last Name = Shop Schedule::Customer Name

                                     Client List::Date = Shop Schedule::Contract Signed

                                     Client List::Address = Shop Schedule::Customer Address

                                     Client List::Customer Type = Shop Schedule::Type of Customer

                                     Client List::Customer Status = Shop Schedule::Customer Status

                                     Then create a script that watches for new clients created under client list that has been assigned a Client List::Date = Shop Schedule::Contract Signed to add my new clients into this auto-schedule with the above values represented.  At the same time I would need another script to watch the updates on Client List::Customer Type and have them updated in the Shop Schedule::Type of Customer. 

                                     Also now that you have mentioned that to me I also felt the need to create the relationship between:

                                     Shop Schedule >----< Projects

                                     Shop Schedule::Job Started=Projects::Start Date Project Completion

                                     Shop Schedule::Completion Percentage=Projects::Project Completion

                                     Shop Schedule::Job Completion Date=Projects::Due Date Project Completion

                                     So adding the above relationships into the mix.  


                                     My found set needs to be able to find all those relationships and the omit/remove records once the Shop Schedule::Completion Percentage=Projects::Project Completion =100% or Client List::Customer Status = Shop Schedule::Customer Status = Complete.

                                     See below attached picture for the relationships.

                                     I hope this is exactly what I need to do.


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                                       Portals do not work with found sets, but that could be just a case of getting the terminology correct. Please note that there has been no discussion of portals in the other thread, only a script that performs finds and uses a list or table view to display multiple items.

                                       You do not perform a find to control what records are listed in a portal. The defined relationship, any specified filter portal and any specified sort order in portal setup control what records appear in a portal.

                                       Your relationship between client list and shop schedule appears to match by too may fields. It should be possible to link records by just one pair of match fields and matching by names is problematic as you can easily get two clients with the same last name.

                                       For your "auto-scrolling display" you may just need a list view layout based on the shop schedule table with a script that periodically updates the display be performing finds, sorting and then scrolling the window--no portal required.

                                       That's not to say you couldn't use a portal for this, but it is a more complex method and does not appear to be needed to get the results that you want here.

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                                         No I don't believe I actually need a auto-fill script for this.  Via our conversations I have come to the conclusion that creating a found set in my new schedule layout would be sufficient.  As long as I am able to carefully manage the data going in and have a way for it to go out.


                                         Would anyone be able to provide me a sample script for this?

                                         Perform Find for records that have a contract signed date and a customer status of varying values.  Would need to be able to have filemaker automatically update the date field in the Perform Find are so that it is always looking for the current date of everyday as the year progresses.

                                         Display those found records in a sorted list from oldest job to newest job.

                                         Then I need this script to be able to remove a job that has a certain status.  for example customer status = complete -> final billing.

                                         The point to all of this script is to create a schedule that will manage itself.  Add new customers from our client database when our secratary takes a deposit and inputs that customer into our databse.  All of my employees continue to update their client status's as the project evolves but I would like the schedule to remove the clients as the status's change.

                                         I am new to this and have maybe been working with Filemaker for about 6 months over the last 2 years.  I am unable to figure out how to make this script function properly.


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