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Auto Fill across all records

Question asked by RyanGuppy on Jun 29, 2011
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Auto Fill across all records


Hi Guys, i'm pretty new to Filemaker Pro and database creation so i hope this question isn't too noobish.

I am making an events database tracking what events customers have attended etc. What i am trying to do is create an 'admin' page (layout 1) where i enter in all the different event information. I have 30 events on the same page for instance.

I am trying to get this information to auto fill down into every customer record. So i only have to enter the event information once, instead of for each customer. 

I have tried using the relation function, having the events in a seperate database but i found i would still have to go through each customer record and manually type in the event name to get the information to appear. I can't do this else i will want to kill everyone in the office haha

To boil it down i want to take information from X and have it automatically go into every record of Y automatically, without having to go to Y.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.