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auto fill address field when company is chosen! ? does it have to be related tables

Question asked by SamMetrovisionNYC on May 7, 2012
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auto fill address field when company is chosen! ? does it have to be related tables


hello everyone.  I have a few questions and challenges i need to get done on creating a CRM database for our company. 

my first challenge is basically been talked about already here on the forums and I have read the forum posts.  however? i am confused. do you have to have related tables for an auto populate field when one field is selected from a drop down menu? 

HERE IS WHAT I HAVE: I have a layout with two tabs, one contacts and one company. Currently the company tab is empty and the contacts tab has basic contact info as well as website and other social media links. Also my database is all in one table with a auto serial field.    so i took a look at the starter solutions contact management in filemaker 11 pro. it basically uses a global field to show related contacts to a company in a portal under the company information. related by choice, company, city. but i noticed i can't edit the contacts in that portal. which i need to edit, add or delete.   i looked at a file that was on here on the forums (test.fp7) and it was two related tables and it worked well. i think. but it would require that i break my table up into two and then match the contacts to the correct company?   is there an easier way to do this? i dont mind the work, excpet that i have about 5000 thousand clients.  im using filemaker pro 11.


if the above confuses you. here is what i need in a nutshell. in the company layout, i would like a list of clients that belong to that specific company underneath the company info as well as add, edit, the contacts and click a button that switches to the contact layout TAB to show more info about a specific client. 

thanks in advance.

crosses fingers