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    Auto fill Address/City of various Customers



      Auto fill Address/City of various Customers



           I am new to FM and am stuck on auto filling out fields. I know what I'm trying to do is possible, just don't know how.


           Let's say I have a list of Companies, CompanyA, CompanyB, and CompanyC.


           I have in my layout Company NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP:


           I want a drop down from Company NAME, Select that company, and have the Address, City, State and Zip fill in by itself.


           Do I need a table for each company then relate them somehow? I've played with it but can't get it. 


           Can someone walk me through this? Thanks!


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               You need two tables: Companies--where you have one record for each company and Contacts--where you have your drop down for selecting a company. You'll need a relationship that links to Companies to Contacts.

               There are two basic methods for "auto-filling" your data. Both methods are the "right" choice in different circumstances so you will need to evaluate both methods to determine which is best for your database solution:

          Auto Fill