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    auto fill fields



      auto fill fields


           I have set up a database and am using it for my wine club contacts.  On our membership form, we ask for a shipping address and a billing address.  Most of the time the shipping is the same as the billing.  How do I make it so that with the click of a radio button that says "same as billing" the information provided in the shipping address field will appear in the billing address field?


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               How you do that will depend in how you store the address info. if you have a relationship between the contacts table and an addresses table where a shipping address is entered in one record and a billing address is entered into the other, this can be as simple as setting two match fields to the same ID number so that both match to the same address record.

               If, on the other hand, you have one set of fields in contacts for the shipping address and one set of fields for the billing address, a script can be used to copy the contents of each address field to the corresponding field in the other set of address fields.