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    Auto fill how to create question...



      Auto fill how to create question...


      I am working on a customized inventory data base - every time i create a new record I have to type in the same info into some of my fields.  Although for some reason in a few of my fields as I begin to type I see choices of what I have written before - nice!  Other fields do not have that type of auto fill memory.  Is there a way that I can program these fields to have that option?  


      Thanks folks!



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          Howdy jpee,


          Not knowing your experience level, I would suggest looking through the FMP help section on the topic "Value Lists".


          You would be looking at a Value List, based on a field, using autocomplete.


          If the help section is confusing or you find it hard to implement, let us know how we can help.


          Note: the selections currently coming up in the fileds you like are likely Value lists based on that field.  The field is probably set as a dropdown with autocomplete using that value list.


          Additional Note:  If you have to do the repeated data entry very often...a tweak to your Dbase design may remove the repetitive data entry altogether...but that's a bit more complex and would need more info about your current design and operation.

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            Very nice - it was easy after you gave me the right words to look up on the search - thanks alot!