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Auto Fill Question

Question asked by gldiaz on Nov 19, 2011
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Auto Fill Question



I am in need of a little help when trying to autofill my database with

Company "Address Infomration".

I have a table that I've imported from Excel.  I am able to create a Drop down with the names of businesses as a value list, but

I have not discovered how to go and auto populated related fields to the company that I am working with.

Presently:  I can Select a chosen company from a drop down list, but  the autofill for the other relative fields, i.e  address, city, st and ph. , is what, I can's seem to figure out, because down the road, I will also need to figure out "the running total number of times, I have made "NEW" entries into each compnay.

So, help on autopopulating related info to a selected company name would be appreciated.

Thnks in advance for your help.